Exploring Amazon Kinesis Data Streams: Applications and Use Cases for Real-Time Data Processing

Raviteja Mureboina
3 min readNov 27, 2023

Amazon Kinesis Data Streams enables the collection and real-time processing of large streams of data records. By developing Kinesis Data Streams applications, you can read data from a data stream as data records. These applications, which can run on Amazon EC2 instances and utilize the Kinesis Client Library, offer the flexibility to send processed records to dashboards, generate alerts, dynamically adjust pricing and advertising strategies, or transmit data to various other AWS services.

Amazon Kinesis Data Streams

Kinesis Data Streams can be employed to swiftly and continuously gather and aggregate data. The data utilized may encompass IT infrastructure logs, application logs, social media updates, market data feeds, and web clickstream data. Given the real-time nature of data intake and processing, the associated processing is generally lightweight.


Accelerated Log and Data Feed Intake:

Producers can directly push data into a stream, such as system and application logs, making it available for processing in seconds. This approach safeguards log data from potential loss in the event of a front-end or application server failure. Kinesis Data Streams facilitates accelerated data feed intake by eliminating the need to batch data on servers before submitting it for intake.

Example: Instead of waiting to collect batches of logs for processing, a web application can continuously push logs into a Kinesis Data Stream, ensuring real-time availability for analysis and preventing data loss if the application server fails.

Real-time Metrics and Reporting:

Data collected in Kinesis Data Streams can be utilized for immediate data…



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