Anudeep’s Odyssey: Navigating Challenges and Sailing Towards Success in WIPRO |Learn Lounge Episode 3 Part 1

Raviteja Mureboina
3 min readFeb 8, 2024

Welcome everyone to our latest podcast episode, where we dive into a conversation with Anudeep, a seasoned General Manager at WIPRO with almost two decades of experience. Join us as Anudeep shares insights into his remarkable journey, addressing questions from various channels.

Learn Lounge with Raviteja Mureboina Episode 3

Starting Strong

Anudeep began his career journey during his graduation days in Hyderabad, with WIPRO selecting him through campus placements. Embarking on an integrated program at WIPRO while pursuing his dream of a Masters in Software Engineering from BITS Pilani, Anudeep efficiently managed both aspects of his professional growth.

Overcoming Challenges

Anudeep reflects on the challenging initial four years, where he juggled a full-time job at WIPRO while pursuing his Master’s over weekends. The pressure was intense, with the integrated program demanding excellence in both areas. However, Anudeep’s resilience during these tough times laid the foundation for his subsequent career growth.

Evolution through Roles

Anudeep’s career at WIPRO evolved organically, starting as a developer and progressing through roles like…



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